Broken Cave Robot


Help a poor robot escape from a dungeon


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Broken Cave Robot is a platformer where you control a broken little robot whose battery is about to die. Your goal is to try to get it out of the mess that it's in, but it won't be at all easy to do so.

Luckily, even though the robot's battery only lasts for five minutes, our hero has a tool that allows you to draw a map using the mouse and which will save the changes the next time you try to pass the game.

Which is to say that Broken Cave Robot is designed so that you won't finish the first time you try. You have to play the game multiple times and, in fact, that ends up helping you. The first time, you won't have any help at all, but you can consult the map you've been creating the next time you play.

In addition, at first Broken Cave Robot only allows you to jump, but as you discover more of the cave's secrets, you will earn skills like being able to climb up the walls or easily move through water.

Broken Cave Robot is a fun platformer with very original mechanics. It wasn't the second best game at the 15th Ludum Dare festival for nothing.
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